Advanced Level Contemporary Dance Class

This 90 minute class will open dancers to contemporary thoughts, ideas, and feelings from which movement can be generated. The classes creative process will draw on the senses, timing, and composition that offers each dancer an individual opportunity to experiment with the present moment through their own unique perspective.

Shifting perspectives through movement exploration

No previous dance experience required. Open to all ages. Each class can be tailored to fit specific requirements as needed.

Physical focus

Using physical exploration to empower youth with the knowledge that through focus and intention, you can change the world around you.

This room again

Energizing assisted living spaces and awakening the senses through movement, imagination, dreams, and memory.



4th-8th grade

The Mysterious Case of the Casanova Hat, or Bananphylactic Shock

A film-noir style dance theater piece that follows detective Al Katchem as he tries to crack the unsolved case of Ana Banana. This family friendly production marks Fly on a Wall's first take on a quirky, whimsical, mystery thriller. Created for Art on the Atlanta Beltline 2015.

High School, Assisted Living, and Charity Events
Fly on a Wall Performance Repertory

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