Film by Alex Zhuravlov

Hz is a work centered around binaural beats, an auditory illusion that occurs when a tone is played into one ear at base frequency and the same tone is played into the other ear at a slightly different frequency. The difference between the two frequencies creates the illusion of a third tone, which encourages your brain towards a desired state. 

Different frequencies of waves, measured in Hertz (Hz) are associated with different behaviors. Beta waves (12Hz - 40Hz) are associated with thinking and problem solving and occur while awake while Delta waves (0.5Hz - 4Hz) occur during deep sleep and are associated with self healing, intuition and compassion. These are just two examples of the brain waves on the Hertz spectrum. 

During Hz, Fly on a Wall broadcasts a real time track of binaural beats. The audience has the opportunity to log onto Fly on a Wall’s website with their personal devices and access this live feed. The track journeys through various frequencies in an attempt to invoke the behavioral associations of each frequency. The artists of Fly on a Wall are also tuned into the frequencies as they perform. Inside the structure of their work, the performers respond to these frequencies, and make choices based on this live stimulus.
A short survey sheet is handed out providing Fly on a Wall a way to track the audience’s experience. The data will is then used to inform the next iteration of this experiment. 

Hz premiered on the rooftop of Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery on October 8th 2016.

Images courtesy of Paige McFall Photography and Omari Joseph