Sunday, May 26th, 2019 @ Gordon White Park || Free interactive performance

Artists: Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Nicole Johnson, Christina Massad, Jimmy Joyner, Nicholas Goodly, Laura Briggs

Public Arcana is an interactive performance that employs the body as a divination tool.

Public Arcana is a practice that Fly on a Wall artist, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, has developed over the course of a year. It begins with dancers in a public space with their hands held out, palms up. People, the querents, are invited to approach a dancer, one at a time, with a question, intention, or general feeling of something they want feedback on, in their minds. They lay their hands on top of the dancers hands, palms down, and make eye contact with the performer. With this connection, the artists sense the energy and follow the first impetus they feel that arises. As people watch they relate their query to what they see as the dancers move. Public Arcana investigates the anti-imperialist, non-materialistic implications of investing in unseen forces as a way to relate to one another and glean insight to the human condition. It is a body in a space responding to intentions of individuals.

Photos by True Image Photography