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2Squared is a future memory. It is a sensation that evokes an event in our shared consciousness. The projected relationships lean on timeless themes; togetherness, loss and uncertainty.

Concept: Nathan Griswold

Performing Artists: Christina Massad, Nicholas Goodly

Filmed by: Darvensky Louis

Edited by: Christina Massad, Darvensky Louis

Costume: Jimmy Joyner

Creative Team: Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Nicole Johnson, Nathan Griswold, Christina Massad, Jimmy Joyner, Nicholas Goodly and Darvensky Louis

Light Fabrication:  William Kennedy

Supported by: Sam Ross and The Windmill Arts Center

WSB-TV Channel 2 News Video Interview

2Squared was a part of In Light: an open air art exhibition exploring themes of connection in times of uncertainty. This video work played daily from July to August 2020 on the digital billboard at 235 Peachtree NE in Atlanta. 

This project was curated by Dashboard and MINT and presented by Arts & Entertainment, Orange Barrel Media and BIG Outdoor.


Photo by Justin Chan

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