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Astro Show is a once a month community gathering that centers around the astrological forecast for the zodiacal month ahead, beginning with Aries on March 20, 2023. Astro Show Co-Hosts Lucy Smith and Sean Hilton will guide the audience through the dynamic shifts of the month as interpreted through the astrological transits in the sky. Simultaneously, dance artists of Fly on a Wall will move throughout the audience using a movement operation called dave. Essentially the process of dave allows the dance artists to respond physically, with their moving bodies, to the energy, tone, and imagery that is being spoken by Lucy and Sean as they parse out the monthly astrology. 

Time: 7-8pm Tarot Happy Hour

8-10pm Astro Show


Mike Stasny's MOM SAID IT'S FINE

Underground Atlanta

50 Upper Alabama St

ATL, GA 30303


$15 suggested donation

Cash Bar

Customized t-shirts available for purchase at each show



Monday, March 20 - Aries

Thursday, April 20 - Taurus

Sunday, May 21 - Gemini

Wednesday, June 21 - Cancer

Saturday, July 22 - Leo

Wednesday, August 23 - Virgo

Saturday, September 23 - Libra

Monday, October 23  - Scorpio

Wednesday, November 22 - Sagittarius

Thursday, December 21 - Capricorn


Saturday, January 20 - Aquarius

Monday, February 19 - Pisces

Moon Stages

Meet the Co-Host, Lucy Smith

Lucy Smith an oracle and tarot card reader who infuses their readings with intuition, play, hope and creativity. A reading can be a way to remember what is forgotten.

The act of remembering through a reading can be illuminating and a feeling of coming home. A reading can be an invitation to inhabit more of of one's innate knowing. I trust the cards and I trust the people I am reading for. It is magic. I also do pendulum readings where I can hear guides speaking to me! I am just beginning this practice but I love it! I would llove to read for you at the Astroshow where the world of the stars and possibility are held in community.

Sean Hilton is a Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Ascendant, Leo Venus, Scorpio Mars, Scorpio Jupiter, Libra Mercury, Libra Saturn, Libra Pluto, Sagittarius Uranus, Sagittarius Neptune, and Cancer North Node. Sean danced "professionally" for about two decades, and worked in higher ed for about four and a half years.* Sean is a tarot reader of 27 years and is currently studying Hellenistic astrology. Sean is a Co-Founder and Team Member of Fly on a Wall, an artist led platform that presents and supports process and performance. Sean invests in care, awareness, sensation, and love, all of which he practices through the lens of queer stamina, movement, and evolution.

*Sean danced with River North Dance Chicago Company performing works by Robert Battle, Lauri Stallings, Lynn Taylor-Corbett, Kevin laega Jeff, Julia Rhodes and Harrison McEldowney, among others. They danced with the NYC-based Armitage Gone! Dance and toured throughout the U.S. and Europe, and performed at the Joyce theater NYC and Jacob's Pillow. They have also danced with the Bay Area Houston Ballet and Theatre, Columbia Classical Ballet, gloATL, and staibdance. Sean has been on faculty at The University of South Carolina, The Northwest Florida Ballet, Ballet Tennessee, The Lou Conte Dance Studio, River North Dance Chicago, Thodos Dance Chicago, Atlanta Ballet Center for Dance Education, Kennesaw State University, and ImmerseATL.

Moon Stages

Meet the Co-Host, Sean Hilton

During each show audiences will be guided through the movement and aspects of the planets in  the sky for that month, and their possible subsequent meanings in general, followed by horoscopes for each individual zodiac sign. There is a Tarot “happy hour” before Astro Show, where Tarot readers and a donation bar will be available for audience members to enjoy. The Astro Show seeks to bring audiences together by exploring meaning through the lens of astrology, dancing bodies, and shared experiences. 


Astro Show is an A&E Atlanta Grant Program Recipient. 

“My work is currently concerned with how dance shows up in spaces, particularly how it can  show up as an agent to a moment rather than the spectacle of the moment. With Astro Show, I  wanted to have dance show up in a space with another passion of mine, astrology. Using the dave movement operation, the dancers move from a heightened state of awareness which tends to  synchronize and flow with the words being spoken. The attempt is that the in-the-moment relationship of dancing bodies and astrological conversation gives the audience another dimension of relationality with which to digest the information being offered.”

                                         -Sean Hilton

Moon Stages
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