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Astro Show, created by Sean Nguyen-Hilton, is a monthly community gathering centered around the astrological forecast for the zodiacal month. Each show, an astrologer will guide the audience through the dynamic shifts of the month as interpreted by the astrological transits in the sky. Simultaneously,  dance artists will move throughout the audience using thought models and movement operations to respond with their moving bodies, to the energy, tone, and imagery being spoken by the astrologer. Astro Show is funded in part by A&E Atlanta.

Time: Astro show is an approximately 2 hour show that occurs on the last day of each zodiacal month.

Doors, Tarot reading & bar opens at 7pm

Show begins at 8pm

Location: Underground Atlanta



Monday, March 20 - Aries

Thursday, April 20 - Taurus

Sunday, May 21 - Gemini

Wednesday, June 21 - Cancer

Saturday, July 22 - Leo

Wednesday, August 23 - Virgo

Saturday, September 23 - Libra

Monday, October 23  - Scorpio

Wednesday, November 22 - Sagittarius

Thursday, December 21 - Capricorn


Saturday, January 20 - Aquarius

Monday, February 19 - Pisces

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