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Big Show is an opportunity designed to give ETA artists the support to present a fully realized performance piece.

One application will be selected to have full production support from Fly on a Wall, a weekend in the Black Box at The Windmill Arts Center, and $2,000 in unrestricted funds to help see your vision through.


This program is open to all current (2023) and former ETA artists. Application opens April 17th and closes May 15th.. Participants will be notified by May 22nd.




2022 Big Show Artist

| Lucy Smith | 


(she/they) is a recovering theater person. Lucy has performed and toured with the SITI Company, the TEAM, Anonymous Ensemble, and performed with companies in New York City, Portland Oregon and Atlanta Georgia. She holds a BA in Drama/Dance and Film (double major) from Bard College and a MFA from Columbia University in Acting. Her first play and one person show was produced by Synchronicity theater, dramaturged by Amber Bradshaw (she/they) and directed by Rachel may (she/her) Lucy is a working title playwrights member, a massage therapist, a childrens yoga teacher, a qoya dance teacher and a weird comic book maker. Lucy was in the 2022 ETA artist in residence program with Fly on a Wall and are very much in love with all of them. They are a mother to a magical 7 year old who is their greatest inspiration for life, art and everything that means anything.


| pre Big Show |

BIG SHOW-currently exploring Theater-theater of living-theater of family, laughter, joy, failure, grief,—losing the lines/losing the script of how to be


exploring stories that are told and untold in me and my collaborators-of desire, hunger, shame, conditioning, dismissed loss-


I am studying the color red and redheads, bacteria and fungi, eyes and the eye of the storm, diagnosis’s helpful and unhelpful, capitalism and urgency, ancestry and rituals of forgiveness, the ocean as a place of true belonging 


and always-motherhood.  

| post Big Show |

Receiving the big show changed my life. Before Big Show I had ideas, I had dreams but watched them just accumulate and not be taken seriously by me and it really affected my worldview and identity and sense of hope. 


Big Show is big because it included the bigness of the Fly on a Wall team which is a powerful group of individuals who know how to give feedback that unblocks mysteries. Individually, each of the artists in Fly on a wall is a profound and deep artist of their own rite and then as a collective, the Fly team becomes a force of kindness and magic action. Their presences moved. mountains in me.

The Big Show was a process of a little under a year where I wanted to make something that incorporated all of my ideas EVER but learned-slowly-that I could relax into my ideas and process. Big Show gives the gift of time. I have always been running. Slowing down made me listen deeper, more fully. And the show that I ended up making called SUITCASE FULL OF DREAMS has opened the door for more to come, as I have decided to form my own devised theater company 

(because I just don't want to stop making work). 

With Big Show I gained confidence, freedom, permission, hope and community. So yeah, it totally changed my life. Also performing the Big Show suitcase full of dreams-was a portal I'm still walking through. I loved it all (and miss it already)-the Windmill, the financial support, the people and the big fat permission to be myself. 

Thank you thank you Thank you Thank Thank you Fly on a Wall and The Windmill!"

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