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Big Show is an opportunity designed to give ETA artists the support to present a fully realized performance piece.

One application will be selected to have full production support from Fly on a Wall, a weekend in a theater, and $2,000 in unrestricted funds to help see your vision through.


This program is open to all current (2023) and former ETA artists. Application opens April 17th and closes May 15th. Participants will be notified by May 22nd.

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De Leon


2023 Big Show Artist

| Perlizbeth De Leon | 


Perlizbeth De Leon is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, actor, and model from Atlanta, GA. Her past training includes Groove2Musik, Xcel Studios, T Lang Dance, Monsters of Hip Hop, Appalachian State University Dance, and various conventions and workshops. She started choreographing in 2017 in North Carolina with a residency at Dance Project in Greensboro and other collectives in NC. She has done works for Dance Canvas, Excuse the Art, and Fall for Fall Dance Festival since 2020. In 2021, she founded Uprising Dance Company with her husband EC Fajardo. They have performed in North Carolina, Florida, and various Atlanta shows. 

Perlizbeth explores life through dance. Finding dance at an older age in college, it was her means of therapy through all hardship. Marrying and mothering young, she grew up fast and tells that story with expressive movement. 


| pre Big Show |


"My show is titled “IN THIS COUNTRY”, begging the question of what it means to be who I am in this country. I will be exploring my own identity as well as sharing the space for self-exploration with other dancer/actors. I would love to see the difference between how we identify ourselves and how we identify in terms of the country we live in.

I’m excited to delve into this topic. I am looking forward to personal breakthroughs and the ability to allow others to potentially see themselves in this show.

I’ve been struggling with who I am, where I am for so long and I know this is only the first step in truly understanding what that looks like. Thank you all for the opportunity to create and bring this to life."

-Perlizbeth De Leon


Photos by Neely Townes, Arvin Temkar, Kat Ko, Victory World Church, Zoe Litaker, Melina Velleman

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