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Daisy is a performance within an installation reflecting on themes of relationship and reliance. The Installation consists of a tandem bike generator providing light to a portion of the gallery space. Evoking the feeling of enclosure and home, the light dims and brightens in relationship to the effort exerted by the performers on the bicycle. 

With the support from the Duluth Fine Arts League, Duluth commissioned Dash to produce an immersive art experience for the city’s citizens and visitors in the former Hardeman Glass Studio. The exhibition Shifting Scapes featured artwork by Kevin Byrd, Elizabeth Riley, Heather Greenway and Fly on a Wall. 

Concept and Choreography: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johsnon

Performing Artists: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson

Soundscape: Nicole Johnson

Costume: Kelly Tipton

Installation: Nathan Griswold

Premiere: Saturday, March 28th, Shifting Scapes

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