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Excuse The Art (ETA) is a works-in-progress series presented by The Windmill Arts Center in partnership with Fly on a Wall. ETA highlights works-in-progress by the Artists-In-Residence of The Windmill Arts Center as well as selected artists from the metro Atlanta area. Participants of ETA will be offered studio time at The Windmill Arts Center to develop their work and opportunities to engage in peer discourse. Funds from ticket sales will be divided between the participating artists.

Excuse The Art seeks applications from Atlanta-based artists working in any performance-based medium to participate in the 2022 works-in-progress series. All bodies are encouraged to apply regardless of age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, color, ability, citizen status, national origin or religion. All applications will be reviewed by a diverse panel of artists and educators.


Application Deadline: Sunday, November 28th - NOW CLOSED

Artist Selection: Monday, December 6th

Welcome Social In Person: Sunday, December 12th, 1:00-2:30pm

Excuse The Art 2022: April 7-10th

Application Requirements:

  • Must be a new work in progress

  • Feedback from audience is encouraged

  • Peer review throughout process

  • Works must be between 10-20 minutes in length

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Laith Stevenson's "Return to Sender" ETA 2020

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LaMia Dingle // Reveal Movement's "Unboxing"

Jacob Lavoie's "Mama's Boy"

Porter Grubbs // The Mediums Collective's "Fish Out of Water"

Photos + Video by Christina Massad


"Participating in Excuse the Art was a great way for me to push myself to experiment with new ideas in front of an audience and a supportive group of my peers. The opportunity provided me valuable feedback on the work-in-progress I was working on, which I can now take and apply to future iterations of that work. The artists at Fly on A Wall were extremely helpful and supportive throughout the entirety of the process. Moreover, their commitment to paying the artist involved in the series was something I tremendously appreciated, as they are working to set a higher standard for our artists in the community and the work that we produce. I admire each and every individual who participated and highly recommend to those considering participating in future iterations of the program."

-Benji Stevenson, 2020

"Participating in Excuse The Art (ETA) was such a wonderful experience as a young and emerging artist in Atlanta. This experience introduced me to so many kind artists, and enabled me to share some ideas I had been exploring with an audience. The environment Fly cultivated allowed me to fail big but in a way that was very safe and very supportive. My ideas weren’t fleshed our successfully but it required an event like ETA to help me share the work and get feedback in order to see that."  

-Jacob Lavoie, 2020

“As a new artist/ choreography, ETA allowed me to take greater risks because they did not put an emphasis on the end result. Putting yourself in the mindset of “work in progress” ensures that it’s okay to explore and try new things, even if it doesn’t  work out as planned. Through it’s collaborative nature, I was able to learn so much from other artists. By witnessing their processes, I am now able to view my own piece in perspectives I would have never thought of."

-Shakira Bell // Blurred Lines Dance Company, 2020

"ETA provided such a well thought through, nourishing, open platform to create work and thrive at every level. The structure Fly on a Wall created for ETA, was truly a complimentary mix of; space for open-ended experimentation, and specific guidance and support. As an ETA artist you felt open to experiment and push your boundaries, while being supported every step of the way with thoughtful feedback, supportive community and practical logistics."

-ImmerseATL, 2020

Olivia Rowe // The Esthete Collective's "aphotic | lucent"