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Nicole Johnson, (she/her) Atlanta native and a founding artist of Fly on a Wall. As a young artist, she trained at The Atlanta Ballet Center for Dance Education, and joined the Atlanta Ballet in 2006. She has performed works by numerous choreographers, including George Balanchine, Diane Coburn Bruning, Alan Hineline, Stephen Mills, Micheal Pink, Stanton Welch, Lila York, and John McFall. In 2009 she began working with dance maker Lauri Stallings, leading to the formation of gloATL, a platform for contemporary movement language and physical gesture. Nicole has worked intimately with a number of artists across many mediums and this has given her the understanding that all work is truly collaborative at heart. This belief led to the creation of Fly on a Wall. Nicole was an Adjunct Professor of Dance at Emory University and currently teaches dance across Atlanta.

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