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The Mysterious Case of the Casanova Hat, or Bananphylactic Shock

A dance theater work inspired by film noir, and 1950’s detective radio. This irreverent mystery follows the character Al Katchem as he tries to crack the unsolved case of Ana Banana and the missing Casanova Hat. Marking Fly on a Wall’s first foray into family friendly performance, the work takes on a quirky and whimsical approach to narrative.

Concept and Choreography: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Kelly Tipton

Performing Artists: Nathan Griswold, Daniel Hilton, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Kelly Tipton

Soundscore: Nicole Johnson

Text: Daniel Hilton

Costume: Kelly Tipton

Premiere: Saturday, October 10th 2015, Art on the Atlanta Beltline

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