Byte, a dance theater piece works within the commentary of interpersonal relationships, how we speak to and portray ourselves, the reliance we have on the multiple personalities we all carry and the fast paced rhythm of media and a communication. Using a varied soundscape and theatrical play, Fly on a Wall creates a fast paced trip into the absurd. 

Byte premiered on April 3rd, 2015 at the Synchronicity Theater in a triple with Emily Cargill and Dancers, and Proia Dance Project. It was reworked in 2018 and performed at 7Stages Theatre alongside StaibDance. This later version includes 15 minutes of additional content created by the new collaborators and from Swiss artist Stephan Armleder, “The Genevan Heathen”.

Review for Byte 2015

Review for Byte 2018

Byte - Off The Edge - March 1st, 7pm

Westside Cultural Arts Center



Erin Anastasia

Erin Anastasiais an Atlanta native with a background in ballet and contemporary performance. She received her bachelor’s degree in Dance from Kennesaw State University in 2013. Since then, Erin has had the pleasure of working with Fly On A Wall, Kit Modus, glo, HiveWild (NYC), Emily Cargill and Dancers, Anicka Austin / Sunday Morning at 7, Otis Sallid, and most recently Mediums Collective. Keep up with Erin and her sidekick Paisley on Instagram @erin.anastasiaaa


Nathan Griswold

Nathan Griswold, Co­-Artistic Director of Fly on a Wall, is Originally from the Pacific Northwest of the United States. After finishing his formal dance training at the Ben Stevenson Academy in Houston, Texas, he danced professionally with the Houston Ballet, Alberta Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, North Carolina Dance Theater, Ballett Augsburg and Nationaltheater Mannheim. Upon returning from Europe in 2014, he cofounded Fly on a Wall with the goal to create a platform that supports and creates innovative performance. Aside from Fly on a Wall he works as a freelance artist, teacher, choreographer, and also works in local independent films and TV.


Jimmy Joyner

Jimmy Joyner grew up in West Tennessee. Raised in a household and atmosphere where he was left the space to be creative and allow his imagination to run wild. Once leaving home he moved through many different groups and organizations of people. He is very grateful to have some of that time spent in Atlanta. There he was introduced to the founding members of Fly on a Wall. This is a very special project for him and is thankful for the opportunity to continue to explore who is an artist amongst a truly wonderful and nurturing environment. Jimmy now lives in Nashville Tennessee where is teaches dance and yoga and is a co-founder of Nashville Design House.