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Since its inception, Fly on a Wall’s vision has been rooted in the desire to support innovative creators and their ideas. This vision led to the development of the Fly on a Wall Artist Residency, a one-month residency culminating in a performance/showing in the black box at The Windmill Arts Center. 


Fly on a Wall is seeking applications from Atlanta artists working in any performance medium who do not have regular access to creative time and space. All bodies are encouraged to apply regardless of age, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, color, ability, citizen status, national origin, or religion. 


The residency includes:

  • Access to the Windmill White Box, June 5 - June 30, 9:00am-2:00pm, Monday through Friday.

  • All-day access to the Windmill Black Box on June 30th. This can be a tech day and a performance day, or a filming, or a work-in-progress, etc.

  • Access to all technical and artistic capabilities of the Windmill Arts Center and Fly on a Wall, except for expendables (e.g. Tape, Special Flooring, etc.). 

  • Two required community engagement opportunities to be led by the  Artist-In-Residence. 

If the Artist-In-Residence chooses to have a ticketed performance, all proceeds will go to the Artist.

All applications will be reviewed by a diverse group of panelists, and the top three candidates will be interviewed by the Fly on a Wall Team.

Once selected, the Artist-In-Residence will meet with the Fly on a Wall Team to develop the goals and terms of the residency.

Application deadline: Sunday, March 26th

all artists in residence

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Current 2023 Artist in Residence:

Photo by Maiya Ellick

NOVA CYPRESS BLACK (dey/dem/deirs/NOVA) is a kinetic quilt of deir ancestors. A 3D collage of Midwest tranquility, Southern hospitality, & East Coast grit. NOVA writes deir name in all caps as a reminder to take up space as an unmistakably Black trans gender-expansive lighthouse. This choreopoet's investment in the dynamic relationship between movement & verse propels deir kinetic experimentation of a poem’s mobility on the page, in the mouth & throughout the body. NOVA utilizes over 15 years of dance training & teaching to compose frameworks of choreography obsessed with blurring genre, full body listening, honoring gestures of the working class & manifesting liberation. Deir full-length choreopoems include “another goddamn lesbian movie / a chorepoem.” (summer 2017, NYC) and “somewheres: a world-in-progress” (spring 2020, NYC). 


NOVA’s commitment to movement education is illustrated through deir freelance teaching artist work with the following organizations: for our sibs (Atlanta, GA);  Ballet After Dark (Virtual); The Shed (NYC); Urban Arts Partnership (NYC); Sadie Nash Leadership Project (NYC); Dancewave (NYC); New Jersey Performing Arts Center (Newark, NJ); & Big Brothers Big Sisters (NYC); etc. This genre-defying writer, intuitive mover & fire dancer pledges allegiance to freedom & pleasure.

Project description: 

POST-OP: A CHOREO-DOC is a personal video diary that holds space for NOVA CYPRESS BLACK's journey of returning to deir movement practice after getting top surgery on April 27, 2023. This project includes recorded improv sessions, community cameos, & original poetry compositions.

POST Artist Residency: 

"This residency was incredibly pivotal to my recovery after getting top surgery. I was able to return to my movement practice & relearn how to dance with my new body. As I’m currently unemployed & don’t have a car, the fact the application & program was free, in addition to being a short walking distance from MARTA made this residency all the more accessible. The Fly Team was super supportive & responsive to my needs. I would recommend this residency ten times over."

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