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Byte is a dance theater piece that works within the commentary of interpersonal relationships. Byte looks at how we speak to and portray ourselves, the reliance we have on the multiple personalities we all carry, and the fast paced rhythm of media and communication. Using a varied soundscape and theatrical play, Fly on a Wall creates a fast paced trip into the absurd.

Concept and Choreography:

Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Performing Artists:

Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton


Stephan Armleder as the “Genevan Heathen”, Timothy Wagner, Tirtzah Wilson


Stephan Armleder, Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Nicholas Goodly


Jimmy Joyner, Kelly Tipton


Christine Curran

Lighting Design:

Ben Rawson


Synchronicity Theater - April 3rd, 2015

Development Workshop:

7 Stages Homebrew. October 1st, 2016


Linea Frye, Nathan Griswold, Whitney Millsap,

Sean Nguyen-Hilton

2nd Performance:

7 Stages Theater - An evening with Staibdance and Fly on a Wall.

November 31st - December 2nd, 2018


Nathan Griswold, Jimmy Joyner, Noelle Kayser

    Supporting Cast:

Hez Stalcup, Rebekah Diaddagio, Britanie Leland, Virginia Spinks, Hez Stalcup, Christina Massad, Kelsey Ashy

3rd Performance:

Westside Cultural Arts Center - Off The Edge, Dance Festival

March 1st, 2019


Erin Anastasia. Nathan Griswold, Jimmy Joyner

    Supporting Cast:

Sarah Diamond, Catherine Messina, Rebekah Diaddagio, Leigh Ducas, Melinda Cassiday

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