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Performing for the duration of 16 days the artists of  Fly on a Wall, Nicole Johnson, Jimmy Joyner, and Sean Nguyen-Hilton, will process unseen forces (time, feeling, memory, indescribable existence, etc) to create a catalogue of daily manifestations. This process will be performed as solos, duets, and trios amongst the artists in Gallery 3 at MINT in the hopes of charting courses of possibility. The work is employed as an 16 day ritual without pinnacle that is focused on a patient practice whose meaning reveals itself retroactively at it’s culmination.


Each daily process will be collected in various forms and stored on a USB thumb drive, which will be collected in a card catalogue just outside of the gallery. Audiences will be able to view the work in the gallery and cross reference the work with the USB thumb drive that correlates to each piece by date using a computer located near the card catalogue. This non-linear form of viewing the work frees up time and space to create meaning as a process, rather than a destination. 

Concept, Performing Artists, Music, Costume, Installation:

 Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Jimmy Joyner​


MINT Gallery - September  2021


“We may be in the Universe as dogs and cats are in our libraries, seeing the books and hearing the conversation, but having no inkling of the

meaning of it all.”

― William James

ArtsATL Review of Cats in a Library


Schedule of process times below. Audience welcome during MINT’s regular hours.

MINT Gallery hours:

Wednesday - Sunday 11am to  6pm

MINT Gallery (Gallery 3)

680 Murphy Ave SW, Unit 2095

Atlanta, GA 30310

Video + Photos by Christina J Massad


Thursday, September 16 - 8-9pm

MINT’s Third Thursday, meet the artists

Friday, September 17 – 7-10pm, OPENING

Nicole Johnson, Jimmy Joyner, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Saturday, September 18 – 3-6pm

Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Sunday, September 19 – 2-5pm

Jimmy Joyner

Wednesday, September 22 – 5-7pm

Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Thursday, September 23 – 12-2pm

Nicole Johnson, Jimmy Joyner

Friday, September 24 – 3-6pm

Jimmy Joyner, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Saturday, September 25 – 11am-3pm

Nicole Johnson, Jimmy Joyner, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Sunday, September 26 – 1-3pm

Jimmy Joyner

Wednesday, September 29 – 4:30-7pm

Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Thursday, September 30 – 11am-1pm

Nicole Johnson

Friday, October 1 – 6-9pm – CLOSING:

Nicole Johnson, Jimmy Joyner, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Saturday, October 2nd – 3-6pm

Viewing of completed work and artist social

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