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Dust House is a multidisciplinary work comprising various layers.


Fly on a Wall created a performance to exist inside an abandoned home in Atlanta’s historic West End. This performance consisted of 32 vignettes built for different rooms in the home. Four filmmakers were invited to capture these vignettes with their own perspectives. The filmmakers could record the vignettes in any order, angle, costuming, add or remove production elements, and place scenes in different rooms. 

Gallery - In May 2015, these 4 films were exhibited side by side in Dash’s North Avenue pop-up Gallery. The sound elements for each film play through headphones opposite the projections. The viewer has the option to mix tracks while watching any of the four films, giving unique perspectives on the same work.

Live Performance:

Using an adjacent gallery space, Fly on a Wall covered all surfaces  with paper creating a blank canvas of a home, complete with whited out furniture and seating for the audience. Setting the atmosphere of a party, Fly on a Wall treats the audience as guests. Greetings turn to small talk, games, and a dance party. As the evening progresses the audience gradually become voyeurs, viewing what happens on the second floor after the party is over. The soundscape for the live performance is sourced from the from the filmmaker’s footage.

Concept and Choreography: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Film makers: Felipe Barral, Stephanie Swart, Kris Valeriano, Alex Zhuravlov 

Live Performing Artists: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Kelly Tipton, Malcolm Franklin

Music: Jesse Tyler

Text: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Costume: Kelly Tipton

Installation: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton, Kelly Tipton

Production: Protect Awesome


Premiere: May 2015, Atlanta, GA

Dust House Press

Photos by:  David M. Batterman for Dashboard

BTS of filming for Dust House

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