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Extended Decay is Fly on a Wall’s response to “Passage,” the fourteenth installation from Dorothy O’Connor’s ongoing series “Scenes.” Two dancers pass through the walls of Dorothy’s scene and experience the space through time, memory, and repetition. 


Concept: Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Choreography: Nathan Griswold

Performing Artists: Devon Joslin, Nathan Griswold

Music: Chris Hunt 

Costume: Kelly Tipton 

Installation: Dorothy O’Connor, Nathan Griswold, Nicole Johnson, Sean Nguyen-Hilton

Production: Protect Awesome 

Premiere: April 29th - Hambidge Auction, Colony Square. Atlanta, GA

2nd Performance: May 5th 2017- Hambidge HiVE, Colony Square Atlanta, GA

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