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Fly on a Wall has utilized interns in both administrative and artistic positions. Our internship program has been an integral part of the development of our platform. 

Internships are available year round, and are developed with the Fly on a Wall Team to ensure success and growth. 

For more information about an internship position please fill out the brief form below. 

*We are specifically looking for a photography/videography intern to work under and learn from our very own, Christina Massad* To apply, click here! 

Thanks for submitting!

Photo by Darvensky Louis

Jordan Slaton

ETA Intern Jan - March 2020

I found the internship to be so valuable to me as a choreographer in multiple ways. I got to view and be inspired by works from people I look up to as artists, and I also got to give my own feedback to other artists/peers and help in processes themselves. I got to help with the production aspect a bit too, which I got to display skills I've previously learned working on crews as well as learn more. I even got the opportunity to be in the show working with a prop, which was a bit unfamiliar at first but I am so glad I got to do it. I basically have a whole new appreciation for what goes into putting on performances. I felt valued by the team and was grateful to be introduced to this opportunity.

Photo by Darvensky Louis

Tori Vincent

Aug 2019 - May 2020

Fly On a Wall has welcomed me into their dance and arts community starting before I was a resident of Atlanta. Within the one year of my internship I was offered immense support, encouragement, guidance, opportunities, and skills I will use throughout my career. I will forever cherish everything I have learned from and shared with the Fly On a Wall Team and their creative environment.

Photo by Nathan Griswod

Christina Massad

Aug 2017 - May 2018

I began volunteering for Fly years before I became their intern, and becoming their intern was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Because of Fly I have been given new opportunities, connected with the ATL dance scene, grew my artistry beyond measures, learned (and am continuously learning) how to run an organization, performed, taught morning classes + more. I've loved finding my voice through this platform by being on the team. These people are some of the most caring, intentional, creative humans I have ever met.

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