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Tile is a dance theater piece that plays with the plasticity of our memories. Over the past two and a half years Nathan Griswold and the collaborators have shared cultural, and personal memories that have become the source material for this evening. While these memories might appear concrete, with each recollection our mind makes minor edits to these saved moments. Over time and tellings, the memory moves away from being absolute truth and becomes something unique to our minds. 


Tile creates an environment where memories can be displayed and manipulated. Through theatrical conventions and virtuosity the audience will experience an evening of contemporary stagecraft. Ideally, this will present the opportunity for an audience member to not only enjoy the perfunctory aesthetic of the piece but to also recall memory and recognize their own will upon that recollection. 

"In the not-so-distant future, this piece will be a memory. The memory will change with each recollection. Each new retrieval will lay adjacent to the last, creating a surface for an undefinable sensation of the experience."

-Nathan Griswold

Tile contains content from multiple disciplines.

Team Member Nicholas Goodly has been instrumental in crafting the verbiage and prose of the piece. 

Team Member Christina J Massad has contributed as a dancer and also as the videographer for the work.


Sound artist PTAR, a.k.a. Rogue Jury, created an original electronic score for the evening.


All dance artists, Leo Briggs, Christina J Massad, Darvensky Louis, Walter Apps and Jenna Latham collaborated on the physical movement.


William “freakylamps” Kennedy executed the creation of the lighting fixtures for the evening.


Concept, composition, choreographic lead, and video editing by Nathan Griswold.

Video trailer filmed by PandaKo Media

Edited by Christina Massad

Photos by Amber Kirchner

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