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A work by Nathan Griswold and Collaborators

Presented & supported by Fly on a Wall

Tile is an expression of time and memory through dance work. It is a wish to create a private moment in a shared experience, to insert a designed instance into a resting memory. 

Featuring dancers: Leo Briggs, Nicholas Goodly, Britanie Leland, Christina Massad, Bailey Jo Harbaugh, Gabrielle Duncan, Lindsay Duncan, Darvensky Louis, Walter Apps, and Scott Wheet.

Original music by Ptar (aka DJ Rogue Jury), and original lighting by William Kennedy (aka Freaky Lamps)

**Tonights work-in-progress showing will include strobing lights**

Fly on a Wall is an Atlanta based arts platform that supports and creates innovative performance.

Fly on a Wall aims to provide opportunity, space and resources for artists to create work that responds to, reimagines, and activates the ever-evolving moment within our community.

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