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A work by Nathan Griswold

Tile is a future memory; It is a recurring unique experience, a lacework our memory weaves to make the sense that we desire, It is a sensation that evokes a private moment in our shared consciousness. 


Tile is a dance work revolving and unraveling around memory. Using all the tools available in physical theater, Nathan Griswold and his collaborators are working towards an evening length work slated for the Fall of 2021.


A work by Nicole Johnson + Jimmy Joyner

Brother/Sister is a shared body of work between artists Jimmy Joyner & Nicole Johnson. The work is driven by a need to explore internal landscapes and uncover creatures lurking within. Each artist brings their individual childhood narrative into this journey, as well as their shared experiences and traumas with professional dance companies. To counter previous modalities of working, they give value to a queer & feminine approach to process via emotions, masks, colors, toys, and improvisation. These tools are used in their recovery and healing as they unveil the ever-expanding horizon of what it is to be themselves.

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